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Fifth Grade Team
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Fifth Grade Locker
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Fifth Grade

online testing tools

To ensure success on the LEAP test that 5th grade now will take online annually, students must be very familiar with the online testing tools for ELA, math, and social studies.  Use the following link to practice using the online testing tools.

Go to the following site using Google Chrome


we need headphones!



You can help fund a classroom set of headphones for math class!  My project is close to being funded because Craig Newmark Philanthropies is currently matching every donation made. Please click here to go to my donor's choose project Must Have Headphones!



Mrs. Reed

Parent's Corner


LEAP Testing

This year 5th graders will take their spring test online.  This means that your child will have to type his/her compositions.  Please have your child practice typing favorite song lyrics, poems, or anything that he/she would enjoy typing.  The following site will be helpful in improving your child's keyboarding skills.