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Kindergarten: Count and write numbers from 1-100

First Grade: 100 addition then 100 subtraction problems (Answer 0-10) in 8 minutes

Second Grade: 100 addition then 100 subtraction problems (Answer 0-18) in 8 minutes

Third Grade: 100 addition and subtraction combined (0-18) in 5 minutes, 100 multiplication (0-5) in 10 minutes

Fourth Grade: 100 multiplication in 8 minutes, 100 division in 8 minutes

Fifth Grade: 100 multiplication in 5 minutes, 100 division in 5 minutes. 

Math Club


The Kerr Math Club is made up of students from each grade that complete the requirements for their grade level.  We are proud to list the members of the Kerr Math Club below:
math club.gif


*denotes first students in Math Club this year


5th Grade



 4th Grade



3rd Grade

John Mc.-Segarra

Christian T.-Segarra

Kendarius F.-Clark

Braylen Mc.-Clark

Evin L.-Clark

Angel S.-Clark

Travion R.-Clark


 2nd Grade

Annabelle D.-James

Kayvaan G.-James

Ethan M.-James

Melody R.-J.


1st Grade

*Kaylee S.-Cooper

Lilly H.-Cooper

LeLan R.-Cooper

Connor J.-Cooper

Addalyn P.-Cooper

Cayden C.-Gilliam

Micah Q.-Cooper

Jeremiah M.-Gilliam

Kevin A.-Gilliam

Cailyn Y.-Gilliam

Michael U.-Gilliam

Bradley S.-Gilliam

D'Yon T. -Gilliam

Madison B.-Bayless

Ayden P.-Bayless